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Always Lost, Never Found

by Coral Springs

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I Lost Track 02:15
Your eyes, they look like mine. We traveled the same roads Taking the same way out. Security is what we seek when we need somebody around. The complacency we both radiate will make it difficult to compensate. And after all we still lost our way, after trying to fit the frame that was designed for everyone of us, for all our memories. To linger in this commitment. But I lost track of you. I lost track. I lost track of you.
You look for a light at the end of that road. Dazed and confused about the path you must take. Why do you keep looking for short cuts, obstructions and barricades in front of you? So much has been said, so much has been done I'll answer to no one This is the last time that I will say 'I won't have it any other way' Keep chasing that light up ahead How do you think you can get anywhere? Without taking a fall, just standing there. Take a step, take a dive: it will all come around.
Voices 02:58
When we were young the things that seemed to matter the most all seemed so relevant. Well, now they don't. Arranging all our problems until they fade out. I'm just not as strong so when I become more than this, I know: I'll finally be able to let this go. All the voices inside my head I will not hear them anymore, I'm letting go of all the voices inside my head. I will not listen anymore. When we were young, we didn't have a care in the world, we didn't know what life meant. But I still don't. Things always seemed easier when you were around. I can't talk about it, it's all in the past. There's no use in trying to make you understand. I can't talk about it, it's all in the past. There no use in trying, 'cause I'm letting go.
When you wake up, it feels like you're still dreaming. Nothing feels real, you're having trouble breathing. Floating down a river, safe and sound. You've been here before, more times than you can count. Drifting out to sea, a false sense of security. Why don't you wake up before you're sinking. 'Cause when your world's about to end and you're making your last stand and you don't want to go through this again. This crippling feeling knows no bounds. You're always lost but you're never found. Frozen in time when you can't make up your mind. I know taking a step forward seems harder than standing still.
I made a habit out of hiding in the sand. Just stuck my head deep enough so I won't let it get to me the way that I still care for this recurrent fact we all keep living in. Driving for miles just to get out of this town abandoning our fate. Driving for miles just to get right where we were. I'll try to run. You have to run. We cannot stop it. You can't put it off much longer, it's like a pattern that keeps chasing us. Trying to ignore or hide it, doesn't change the facts. Trying to ignore or hide it, it still keeps coming back. Isn't this great: to live in such state of denial? Isn't that great? I made a list of everything I own, to acknowledge stuff I simply can't ignore. I made some lists to escape my own imagination.
Ghost 03:24
There's an image of me, I need it to fade. I see her standing there, keeping up the charade. An empty stare, a blank mind, introducing herself with my name. Something's lingering here, in spite of my chase. Just an empty shell, sitting in my place. An empty stare, a blank mind, introducing herself with my name. Better not to think, better not to speak, better not to dream. Things are not always what they seem. We interpret so many little things we didn't need to know.
Anchor 03:04
Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. This is my anchor, pulling me down. This is my fall to rock bottom. There's a line between disaster and okay, but as it turns out I'm quite good at tracing it which is making it harder to bear. Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. This is my anchor, pulling me down with all its weight. This is my fall straight to the ground. This is my road of barriers. Right in the centre of attention, right in everyone's view.
One Gesture 02:31
This situation calls for a victim. There will always be somebody to step up and fulfill that role. One gesture is not enough. We're privileged and used to it. We probably adapt too well to mediocre behaviour. It's not enough. In this situation it's getting tougher to break through all the stereotypes and lack of understanding. One idea won't suffice. Unfortunately the reality is that moping in a corner is less effective than standing up for what is right.
On A Hold 03:39
I got on this train which represents all kinds of hopes, my dreams and other possibilities. Since it started moving I'm not able to get off. Let's see how far I get. Far from the tracks There's no way I'm going back. We managed to get this far. Past the point of no return. Stop putting my own life back on a hold. A repetition of some weird panicking act. All sorts of decisions that are not worth losing track. Go forward by remembering there's nothing that can go wrong, no harm at stake. This is not a test, no guarantee of achievement. Go forward 'till the end of the line.
Determined 03:13
This has nothing to do with lack of talent or other skills. While all the time I have just simply goes to waste, I'm holding on. Persistance versus wisdom versus judgment. How did you know? How did this happen? When did you stop? I want the knowledge of how this ends, I want to see us for a change. Right back in time. Why do we keep on breaking down to prove a point? It all comes down to this: Isn't honesty enough to prove this? Do I need to spell it out for you again? Isn't honesty enough to break this? With all the steps that we take, in all innocence and safety. With all the choices we make, without seven other opinions. I don't need all your opinions. I'm determined to hold on to little ripples in the water. I'm determined to hold on. Persistance versus wisdom versus judgment.
Hey, is there a chance you are afraid to call for help? Keeping it buried keeps you safe now, doesn't it? Won't it help to run inside and close the blinds while you are stuck inside your mind? Because it's easier when there's no place left for you to hide and life gets in the way. Drop everything, but stay in place and firmly hold your ground. You might not get away. But you're still stuck here. While being wrapped up inside your chains, might seem like the best solution. But you're the only one who has the spare key to open them again. Get those facts in check somehow, or take the long way home again. You keep fighting with yourself, but does it really help at all? Because it's easier to hide.
Roam 03:28
Is it all too much for you? Is there nothing for you here? A glimpse of the future where you have nothing to fear. Waiting for a moment to feel fine, for once in your life. If you ever find a chance to find your way back home And you're sick of being all alone. I don't want to see you like that again. Forget the moments in your life when it all went wrong You're dwelling on the past for god knows how long Erase the past, move forward and stay strong. It gets worse before it gets better, but enough is enough. So let go of your past and I know it can get tough.


"Always Lost, Never Found" is the first full-length album by dutch pop-punk band Coral Springs, a surprisingly versatile record that seamlessly alternates fast upbeat punk rock songs with infectious powerpop and tinges of emo.


released February 22, 2019

Jo - Lead vocals
Joris - Guitar, backing vocals
Remy - Drums
Siebe - Bass, backing vocals
Timon - Guitar, backing vocals

Tom West - Guest vocals on On A Hold
Tim van Doorn - Additional instruments

Produced by Tim van Doorn @ Big Dog Recordings
Mastered by Ed Hall @ All Silk Mastering House
Artwork by Daggers Design


all rights reserved



Coral Springs Leiden, Netherlands

Coral Springs is a poppunk band from the Netherlands.

RIYL: New Found Glory, The Swellers, Yellowcard, The Wonder Years, The Starting Line


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